Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Underwear Time

Let me start by saying, this is post is not what you think.

Daryl, if you just so happen to read this, please don't get embarrassed that I am sharing this with the entire world. I think it's funny, and I needed a "U" topic :) I love you.

So. On the few occasions that Daryl and I get to go out,  (and by go out, I mean we hang out at mom and dad's house) Daryl gets this look on his face when "it's time to go."

You know the look. It's the stare with the head tilt toward the door. And if I don't pick up on "the look," I will find Daryl in a packing up all of our stuff, and barely saying goodbye before he gets in the car.

I have often found myself upset with him because I felt rushed out of the house, when I still wanted to visit, talk, and maybe get a game going.

Our conversation usually went something like this:

Me: Daryl why do you do that? I hate feeling like we are on a time schedule. It's rude when you act like we have to go right that second.

Daryl: Michelle. I'm tired, and I'm ready to go.

Finally, after countless times of having this exact conversation, he finally adds in "Michelle, it's underwear time."

Me: (Laughing) What?! What the heck does that mean, underwear time?

Daryl: You know underwear time. I want to go home, change into my underwear, sit on my couch and drink a beer.

Not really Daryl, but makes for a better visual than what you might be imagining

Me: (still laughing) But you don't lounge around in your underwear, so why do you call it "underwear time?"

Daryl: Well, my sweat shorts.

Me: Oh OK.

It is hilarious when I tell other people this story, and then point out the look. My brother will see Daryl getting a little antsy, and will look at me and say "underwear time?" Yep. You got it. I guess we're leaving.

Love you babe :)


  1. This is hilarious!!! I love it! I so know that look!

  2. Cute. It's nice to have a code word w/ your spouse. :-)


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