Friday, April 27, 2012

I may have jinxed myself

Just a few short weeks ago, I had just started this A to Z blog challenge.

I had know idea what to write about for the letter F, but finally settled on sharing some fun facts about myself. I edited my prezi, and was struggling to come up with some interesting facts. I changed them quite a bit before I published. I was thinking of adding " 26. I have never broken a bone"

I no longer believe this is true.

Which brings me to today: X is for X-Ray

This is not my x-ray, but this is what I think is going on with me.

Daryl and I have now completed P90X, and have begun P90X2.

One of the workouts is a plyometric workout which is high impact, jumping, and coming off the ground. Well one of the moves is an intense plyo push up, called something along the line of a diver push up. You are in a standing position, and essentially "fall" onto your hands and do a push up, and explode back up.


I was doing the "modified" move, in which I was kneeling, and then came down to complete the push up, and exploded back up.

A few weeks went by, I had no problems with this work out, even though it is really tough. Then one day after the plyo workout, my wrist started hurting out of no where.

I have sprained joints before, but this pain was different. At first I thought "OK maybe it's just a really bad sprain, and it will go away within a few days."

The pain never subsided, and I told Daryl I thought it was broken. He said "nah, it's probably just a bad sprain, you'll be OK."

I was thinking of how this could have happened.

Light bulb!!

That plyo workout, and the "diver push ups," duh! It was all starting to make sense.

Scroll back up and take another look at that x-ray.

The bone that the arrow is pointing to is the Scaphoid bone of the left hand. That line across the center is the fracture line.

The Scaphoid bone is a carpal bone that sits at the base of the thumb.

Mechanism of injury: FOOSH or fall on an outstretched hand

Positive sign: Pain in the anatomical snuffbox.

Let's recap

Mechanism of injury: FOOSH (yes, Diver push ups)
Positive Sign: exactly where my pain is.

I have been taking medication to ease the pain, but have yet to get an x-ray. It's been about 3 weeks I'd say. It's kind of pointless to get an x-ray at this point, as there really isn't any treatment that can be done.

Maybe it's just me being stubborn or maybe I just don't want to pay for the x-ray, when I already know I broke my Scaphoid. I don't really know, but I just hope it heals in time for me to complete the Mud Run.

On a side note, it's a time like this when I wish I had x-ray vision. Not so much to see through clothing and all, but to see actual fractures. It would definitely come in handy at work when having to refer kids to the doctor.

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  1. IF you broke your scaphoid IMMEDIATELY get it x-rayed and treated - WOW something can be done ! casting ultrasound or even surgery - if you do not get it treated it will likely lead to non union of the bone and then arthritis and all kinds of other horrors - please read up on how difficult scaphoids are to heal because of blood supply - do not ignore a scaphoid fracture !


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