Saturday, April 21, 2012

So what do you do?

S is for Sports Medicine

I am an athletic trainer, and in the fieldof sports medicine, I have often had this conversation on more than one occasion

Them: "Oh.. you're a trainer??
Me: NO! I'm an ATHLETIC Trainer, not a trainer

There is a difference.

There are a lot of misconceptions of what an athletic trainer does, and what the field of sports medicine entails. For example:

I found this online, although I have forgotten where but if you want to know what sports medicine is about, this pretty much sums it up.

Maybe I should start including this into that conversation?

Them: "Oh.. you're a trainer?? What do you make?"
Me: NO! I'm an ATHLETIC Trainer, not a trainer
Them: Oh that's cool I wanted to do that.

"WHAT DO I MAKE?? I make an ankle sprain that some say should take four weeks to get your child back on the field, playable in a week. I can make driving in a golf cart with lights look cool. I can devise your rehab program after an ACL repair so you can run in that marathon you've always dreamed of. I can tape an ankle before your kid misses 2 mins of play. I can make saving your child's life easier by explaining "getting your bell rung" isn't normal, it can be deadly. I can help you, and your child, survive a heart attack. I can look at a wrestler's pee and tell them how much water to drink. I can make an athlete bigger, faster, better. I can translate "doctorese " from "torn anterior talofibular ligament" into ankle sprain. I went to college to EARN A DEGREE in more than just "water providing" but also injury prevention, evaluation, rehabilitation, administration, and overall problem listening. I do it because I love my athletes, and I love my profession. Today, I might ice your knee, tomorrow I might save your life. I hope I make a difference, what do you make?"

A friendly reminder to all the stressed out athletic trainers who often wonder "Why the heck do I do this again?"

As athletic trainers, we are often behind the scenes and don't always get a bunch of recognition.

Sports Medicine is much more than "put some ice on it" and "drink some water."

I am passionate about this profession, and there are no words to explain the sense of accomplishment when I am able to rehab an injury and see my athletes back on the field and be successful.

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  1. Ice your knee OR save your life... love it!
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