Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q is for Quelf

I was struggling with a few letters when I started this challenge. What would I write about for X,Y,Z?? "Q" is also a difficult letter, but I knew that I was going to write about almost immediately!

I am a self proclaimed board game geek!

I love to play board games. I love family game nights. They are competitive, hilarious, and cheap family fun!

I am working on my collection of board games. I have Cranium, Battle of the Sexes, Scattergories and a few other must have games.

One of my most recent additions to my game collection is Quelf, which was introduced to me by my sister in law.


It's a party game, and should not be played if you do not wish to have fun. This game is hilarious

First you choose one of these eight wacky characters: Batbileg Chinzorig, Super Monkey Ninja, The Platypus, Mr. Lugnut, Mrs. Pickle Feather, Queen Spatula, The Buscuit Farmer or The Dude

You then roll the dice and move to next color space that matches the color on the die. Draw the matching color card and obey the card. Don't do what the  card says, and pay the penalty.

The cards: Showbiz, Roolz, Quizzle, Stuntz, and Scatterbrainz

Showbiz: Show off your acting/singing/dancing abilities. Draw this card and you will be showing off your skills or lack of.
  • Sing a song of your choice EXCEPT in a foreign language (First person to guess correctly, moves ahead. If no one guesses correctly, pay the penalty
  •  Pick an opponent. Tell that opponent you will be humming 3 different songs, and that they must guess what your are humming. Song 1: Theme to Sesame Street. Song 2: Outkast's 'Hey Ya'. Song 3: Elvis's 'Hound Dog'. You have until the timer runs out.
Roolz: Draw this card and the rule effects any or all players, and remains in play until another rule card dismisses the rule. Talking roolz require you to say something either on your turn, or on an opponent's turn. Action roolz require you to do (or wear) something. Global Roolz apply to the entire group.
  • Every time you draw a card, you must like your teeth and say "Willy Wonka has arrived"
  • Go find anything that normally is considered jewelry, and wear it as a necklace for the rest of the game
Quizzle: The person to the right of you will ask you a question that you must answer correctly in order to advance. Some are "traditional trivia" questions, and others are completely absurd.
  • At which national park would you find the "Old Faithful" geyser?
  • Does a chicken have lips and if he did would you smack 'em?
  • Give the middle name of each player
Stuntz: These yellow cards will require you to do some sort of stunt.  Scatterbrainz: Choose a category and everyone provides an example of that category. Keep going around until someone can't come up with an example. The person who can't provide an example or repeats an answer already said pays the penalty.

  •  Balance a book on your head and walk 20 feet backwards
  • Put your forefingers in your ears, your thumbs in your mouth, and your pinky fingers in your nostrils. Once everything is in place, you must say the following three times, at the top of your voice: "Feels good, don't it?"

  • Things you wear on your hand
  • 'Ways to get your leg out of a spring loaded steel trap' OR 'Types of insects most people find annoying.' You choose the topic
  • Things that would taste disgusting if covered in onions
Basically this game is just a really fun time. The hubs is not about games or being silly, and even he had a fun time.

It's a great game for folk of all ages. I have played with my in laws, as well as with my parents and my brother. Everyone has had a great time and lots of laughs while playing this game!

Played before? What's your favorite Quelf moment?

Haven't played? Are there other party games that you have fun playing every time you play?



  1. Never heard of this game, but sounds crazy fun. We always like Mad Gab. :-)

    1. Oh Mad Gab is a fun one! It's on my list of games to get. Quelf will have you laughing the entire game.


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