Monday, April 16, 2012


It's funny how we often times don't realize we do something until it is pointed out to us. Perfect example- those things we do or say when we are nervous- like saying "um" "uhh" "OK" or "like" when we are giving a presentation.

There was an incident that happened in one of my classes, and as a result, I am in complete lock down mode in all of my classes, and will no longer allow my students to leave class. It was brought to my attention by one of my lovely students who said to me "Coach, why are you not letting us do anything anymore? Why do you always have to say no?"

I of course gave this young man the "I have the best students" speech, complete with "my expectations are way up here, and I know that you will be successful, because I have the best students."

While I know this young man was mostly complaining about doing the assignment for the day, it really got me thinking about the number of times I say the word NO throughout the day.

I probably say this word at least 1,000 times a day. And even that might be underestimated.

Classroom Examples

Student: Coach, can I go to the restroom?
Me: No

Student: Coach, can I go to see my AP?
Me: No
Student: But it's really important
Me: I'm sure it is, but no.

Student: Coach, are we turning this in?
Me: No. Not today

Student: Can't I just have my phone out, just this once?
Me: No.

Student: Coach, do you have our test graded?
Me: No, but I'm working on it.

While having technical difficulties with the computer: NOOOO!! What are you doing??

Home Examples

Me: Madeline, NO!

Hubs: Did you check the mail?
Me: No, I forgot

Hubs: Did you work out today?
Me: No. Well not yet. I haven't had time. I have been taking care of the babies all day
Hubs: Michelle....

Me: Madeline, I said no!

Oh. My. Goodness!

Every time I said the word No, I am now fully aware of increasing frequency at which this word comes out of my mouth. I'm not trying to be Negative Nancy or anything, but it sure sounds like I am by always saying no.

I don't like to be told no. I don't like having to say no. I am really starting to hate this word! Sometimes I feel like that NO is all that comes out of my mouth. I can't be the only one. Are there any words that you say too often, and hate that you say them?


  1. It's a great word. We don't use it enough!

  2. There are plenty of times when it does need to be said! I say it enough for my whole family :)

  3. Ha! This is going to make me "listen" to what I say! We could probably use a little more no's at our house!


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