Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Weekend Off

I finally have a weekend off!

March has been a busy month, what with soccer, baseball, and softball games, and track meets needing to be covered. The schedule has been fairly balanced between my coworker and I, and I can't really complain about my schedule. It feels like I have had a lot of game coverage on the weekends lately, but I am excited that I have some "me" time.

We went to my in-laws for dinner last night, and I played a quick game of Furt with my sister in law and future brother in law. I have mixed thoughts on game, but I'll save that for another post. It was a fun and relaxing night.

I attempted to do some activities with Little M yesterday, but they ended up being a fail for the most part, as all I seemed to accomplish was making a huge mess in the kitchen.

The weather is b-e-a-utiful, about 80 degrees outside. Madeline is down for a nap, and Nolan is just a swinging in his swing. I've worked out once today, and will probably get in another round when Daryl gets home.

Here is how I am wishing I spending my day:

And here is how I am actually spending my day :

Well maybe minus the sewing, but definitely with a smile on my face. It's about that time for spring cleaning. I need to look into figuring out a system to make cleaning a little easier, and more efficient. What works for you? Any suggestions? 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Birthday

Today I turned 26 years old! While I did have to work today, I did have a great brithday weekend.

Yesterday, the family came over for some good eats and game night. Daryl picked up Pappasitos, and we enjoyed delicious fajitas, fish tacos, and of course some chips and queso. Mom picked up a cheesecake, we sang happy birthday and then got started with the gaming.

Mom and Dad went to visit my uncle in Florida not to long ago, and they were taught how to play this dice game Left, Center, Right. Dad explained the rules and we got after it. You start out by buying in, (we did $1 buy in just for fun) and then you get your 10 poker chips. You then roll the 3 die to see what you have to do. Circle means you don't do anything, star means you put one chip in the center, and then left or right means you give a chip to the person on your left or on your right. The goal of the game is to be the last one with one chip, because you win the pot in the middle. Even though I went "out" 3 times, the people to either side of me (James and Daryl) rolled a left or right and had to give me a chip, or two. I ended up winning!! It was so fun because every time my dad was given a chip, he would call out "victory dance" and would do the cabbage patch arm circle. It was hilarious!! Even more so because everyone started doing a voctory dance when they got more chips.

Today, I had baseball games to cover in the afternoon. We won both of them, and I was actually able to get out a little early due to a run rule in the second game. I came home, got a work out in, and then got ready for dinner out with the hubs.

Here we are before getting ready to leave. Although you can't see in the picture, I am rocking the new Park Lane necklace mom and dad gave me on Friday, as well as my extra cute black heels (in case you were wondering)

We ate at Buca di Beppo. It's this cute Italian place that serves family style meals! We ordered Calamari and the Quattro al Forno. Our entree had Cheese Manicotti, Chicken Cannelloni, Ravioli al Pomodoro, and Stuffed Shells (with spicy Italian sausage). I didn't think it was a lot of food when it came out, but it ended up being perfect for the two of us to split. We left with our bellies completely stuffed, and had no room for dessert.


Tomorrow is Daryl's birthday. He has to work all day, but to celebrate, we are having sushi and noodles when he gets home.

Next weekend, we are going to hang out with Daryl's family to celebrate our birthdays. I've already talked to my sister in laws, and it looks like we're going to have another fun game night in store for us!! Taboo and Furt (another game I may be ordering within the next few days) are on the list.

I love a good game night and am always on the hunt for fun party games. What's your favorite party game?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A to Z Challenge

I came across this A to Z challenge yesterday and am so excited to get started in April!

The challenge is to blog about something each day (except for Sundays) in alphabetical order. So April 1, the blog post will be a topic that begins with A, April 2nd will have a topic that begins with B, continuing on until you reach April 30, and a topic that begins with Z.

Right off the bat I know I will have to be very creative with topics (q, x, y, and z!), but I am hoping that this challenge will spark some creativity and accountaibilty. I want to blog more and document my life, even if it ends up being just for me.

I just checked, and there are 1,041 people up to the challenge. I am excited to complete this challenge myself, but also excited to read what others come up with! All I want to know is, who's coming with me and taking on this A to Z challenge??

Monday, March 12, 2012

12 in 12: March Check in

It is March 12, and that means it is time to check in with my progress on my "12 in 12" list.

I'm going to be perfectly honest here, and let you know that for the past 30 days, I have been slacking on getting anything done on this list. So instead of going through each item and writing "no progress," I will just highlight the few things I have done.

1. I have now completed phase 2 of p90x! I feel like I have an increase in energy as well as some definition in my upper body (biceps are making an appearance. Make sure you get your tickets to the gun show.) I have missed a few days due to my hectic work schedule, but I think I am this close to being a workout junkie. Daryl and I just ordered p90x2 to begin once we finish this cycle.

2. I have seen these monthly onesies all over the internet. While I am slacking in the blogging updates, I decided to make these iron on onesies found here. I just printed onto iron on transfer paper, and ironed on to a white onesie. Easy cheesy! Look at how handsome my little guy is!

8. Last month was very busy at work for both of us. We ended up going to the bookstore to look for a devotional book for us to read together. Without any luck, we looked at a few other things and then headed to dinner. We went to a local Italian place called Lomontes. We had good food and good conversation, and then headed home. The date was last minute, but much needed. Bonus, I had a gift card, and we didn't have to spend that much money for a nice evening out.

9. I have some frames already, but not enough to create the look I want. Frames are expensive, but the wheels have been turning in my head when I read online about buying frames from Goodwill and then just spray painting them black. Not a bad idea.... now I just need to get pictures together.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Is it too late?

Daryl wanted to do a Winnie the Pooh themed room, and so everything for our little guy so far has gone along with this theme. I have been thinking of birth announcements and thought it would be too difficult much to create a pooh bear card, so I went online and searched for some inspiration.
 Since I returned to work, I wanted to create a card that would be really simple, and not as labor intensive as Madeline’s announcement. I came across this horizontal pocket card, and immediately decided I could make it work. I could do this. Mass produce a one sided card, adhere some decorative strips to make the appearance of pockets, and not have to do too much work to make it look impresive.

So, instead of an actual Winnie the Pooh card, I got my inspiration from the diaper cake my sister made for Nolan's baby shower: red, yellow, white and black polka dot. I found directions and tweeked a few things and started cutting away. After I cut almost of all of the red and yellow strips, I stopped and was scared for about 2.5 seconds that it looked too Ronald McDonald-y. Great. I called my sister and was reassured that it would not look McDonald-y, and that everyone would know it was Pooh bear inspired. I could only hope.

Fast foward about 2 weeks.

The birth announcements are still not completed. They are way more labor intensive than I thought they would be. I have done some additional stamping and cutting that I was not planning on doing. On top of this, the card is now going to be "double sided." Here I go again with my need to "Michelle" everything up and make it much more difficult than it has to be. (Thanks Daryl for coining this term :) love you babe )

I haven't even printed the sayings for the pullout cards or Nolan's pictures. I am way behind to say the least.

Nolan is going on 9 weeks, and his brith announcements have not been sent.

Is there a time frame that I have to get them sent? When does it become too late to send birth announcements??

Pictures and updates to come.

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