Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Purpose Driven Life

P is for the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

My husband attended mass on Ash Wednesday with his mom and the babies. He came homes and told me about the interesting homily. He told me that the priest was talking about preparing for Lent, and how instead of giving something up in the traditional sense, that maybe people could work on taking something on.

Not taking something on like more responsibility, or increasing those bad habits that we have, but taking on something that will increase your spiritual relationship with God.

Daryl that's a great idea.

We talked about things that we could do, and we agreed that we would look into finding a daily devotional book. I have never been one to feel comfortable with bible and scripture studies. Maybe it is lack of knowledge in how to do them. 

We went on our monthly date night, and stopped by the book store so we could find a devotional book together.

The books were a bit over priced, and we left empty handed.

I talked to a coworker about any recommendations for a book, and he handed me his copy of The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.


I was excited, as this is exactly what I was looking for, a reading, and then discussion questions that would help you reflect and guide your discussion.

We read the book together, and that didn't work. We then tried to read the book separately and then discuss it together, but it didn't exactly work out for us. I would ask the discussion questions, and our conversation would come up short. They lacked depth. Daryl participated with the first few readings, but then sort of gave up, as this was not "a Catholic devotional" book.

I wanted to continue and at least give it a go. I wanted to have a better spiritual relationship with God, and was on my own in reading the book.

I have read a lot of it, but have yet to finish.

I was able to find additional reflection questions to supplement the readings. Even though I have been reading the book alone, I feel I am really able to reflect and think of things in a new light.

This is the first devotional book I am reading. I am enjoying the spiritual growth, even if it's not a "Catholic" book. It's a start.

Is there a devotional book that you have enjoyed? Are there any devotional books you have found to be beneficial to read as a married couple?

My biggest question is how do you get the depth in the discussion? Daryl comes off as being a bit reluctant at times, and I'm not the greatest at coming up with questions. I would like to attempt to go through another book with him, but I also want him to enjoy it and actually discuss.


  1. I LOVED The PD Life. I still flip through it now and then. Rick Warren is very accessible in his writing. Stick w/ it, there's a lot to learn. I wish everyone would read this book. My favorite book is "Boundaries" by Henry Cloud. It's not a devotional, but is so full of wisdom and spiritual truths about attaining healthy relationships. Are you still doing the a-z challenge?

    1. I will have to check out "Boundaries" when I finish the PD Life! Thank you for the recommendation. Yes, I am still doing the a-to-z challenge. I have just gotten a little behind as things at work are hectic. I will get my "q" post up today... sometime.

  2. I'm Catholic and I've read The Purpose Driven Life. I agree with your husband in that it doesn't have a very Catholic "feel" to it - which isn't to say that it's bad. I did enjoy some of the concepts presented in it. But once or twice the author references an idea that, for the parish in which I grew up and was educated (I went to Catholic schools from Kindergarten through 12th grade and Religion was in the curriculum every year), is alien to me - the idea of avoiding others who aren't trying to live in faith. I'm oversimplifying, but that's the gist of it. Again, I took some good ideas away from reading it, but I can't say the book *resounded* with me.

    I can't say I've found something like that (topics, discussion questions, etc.) in a more Catholic vein but I can say that C. S. Lewis' books on God have been, for me, very inspiring and thought-provoking...and, even though he was not a Catholic, felt a bit more like "home," as regards the way in which I was raised in faith.

    I wish y'all the best in your spiritual search! :-)

    1. I agree that it doesn't "feel Catholic." Are there any specific C.S. Lewis books you would recommend?


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