Thursday, April 12, 2012

Madeline Kisses

K is for KISSES

My little Madeline is the sweetest little girl, when she want to be. She greets me with an excited "Mommy" in the mornings, leans into me after I'm done getting her dressed, gives me the biggest hug and kisses me on each cheek.

I will say "Madeline, can you give Mommy a kiss?" and she is all over it. Most of the time. Sometimes, she will play around and turn her head the other direction, and then look back at me and give me the biggest smile.

Although her kisses are extremely cute, Madeline has not got the whole kissing motion down yet.

She leans in and will give me the biggest, wettest, open mouth kiss on the cheek I have ever received.

In her attempt to make the "muah" sound a kiss makes, she will offer up a very enthusiastic "ahhhhhh wahhhhh" right as she makes contact with my face.

It is one the cutest, most precious, thing she does, and I just eat it up. She makes my heart melt just a little every single time.

One day she will get the concept of closing her mouth, but until that time, I will let her give me as many of these wet toddler kisses as she wants.

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  1. I never was a fan of those learning curve kisses, but I'm glad you like them ! I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My alphabet blog is


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