Friday, March 9, 2012

Is it too late?

Daryl wanted to do a Winnie the Pooh themed room, and so everything for our little guy so far has gone along with this theme. I have been thinking of birth announcements and thought it would be too difficult much to create a pooh bear card, so I went online and searched for some inspiration.
 Since I returned to work, I wanted to create a card that would be really simple, and not as labor intensive as Madeline’s announcement. I came across this horizontal pocket card, and immediately decided I could make it work. I could do this. Mass produce a one sided card, adhere some decorative strips to make the appearance of pockets, and not have to do too much work to make it look impresive.

So, instead of an actual Winnie the Pooh card, I got my inspiration from the diaper cake my sister made for Nolan's baby shower: red, yellow, white and black polka dot. I found directions and tweeked a few things and started cutting away. After I cut almost of all of the red and yellow strips, I stopped and was scared for about 2.5 seconds that it looked too Ronald McDonald-y. Great. I called my sister and was reassured that it would not look McDonald-y, and that everyone would know it was Pooh bear inspired. I could only hope.

Fast foward about 2 weeks.

The birth announcements are still not completed. They are way more labor intensive than I thought they would be. I have done some additional stamping and cutting that I was not planning on doing. On top of this, the card is now going to be "double sided." Here I go again with my need to "Michelle" everything up and make it much more difficult than it has to be. (Thanks Daryl for coining this term :) love you babe )

I haven't even printed the sayings for the pullout cards or Nolan's pictures. I am way behind to say the least.

Nolan is going on 9 weeks, and his brith announcements have not been sent.

Is there a time frame that I have to get them sent? When does it become too late to send birth announcements??

Pictures and updates to come.

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