Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Weekend Off

I finally have a weekend off!

March has been a busy month, what with soccer, baseball, and softball games, and track meets needing to be covered. The schedule has been fairly balanced between my coworker and I, and I can't really complain about my schedule. It feels like I have had a lot of game coverage on the weekends lately, but I am excited that I have some "me" time.

We went to my in-laws for dinner last night, and I played a quick game of Furt with my sister in law and future brother in law. I have mixed thoughts on game, but I'll save that for another post. It was a fun and relaxing night.

I attempted to do some activities with Little M yesterday, but they ended up being a fail for the most part, as all I seemed to accomplish was making a huge mess in the kitchen.

The weather is b-e-a-utiful, about 80 degrees outside. Madeline is down for a nap, and Nolan is just a swinging in his swing. I've worked out once today, and will probably get in another round when Daryl gets home.

Here is how I am wishing I spending my day:

And here is how I am actually spending my day :

Well maybe minus the sewing, but definitely with a smile on my face. It's about that time for spring cleaning. I need to look into figuring out a system to make cleaning a little easier, and more efficient. What works for you? Any suggestions? 


  1. I wish I could help you figure out a cleaning system but I am terrible at cleaning!

    It must be nice to have a weekend off, I hope the weather stays b-e-a-utiful for you! :)

  2. I wish my weather was as nice as yours! Its cold out where I live!


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