Sunday, February 12, 2012

12 in 12: February check in

It is February 12, and that means it is time to check in with my progress on my "12 in 12" list for the new year.

Writing this list made me excited to get some things accomplished this year. I realize that some of these items will take some time and I am ok with  working on making progress.

A quick recap of how the past 30 days have gone:

1. I have completed phase one. Although I have not been compliant with the diet, I have completed 30 whole days of working out. There are a few exercises which are really tough, especially during yoga, but I am proud that I have been able to push myself and improve with every workout. Daryl and I have been working out together and are surprisingly really competitive with each other. We push. We work. We motivate. We get it done. 

2. I stumbled upon Kristen's chalkboard table and thought it was a really cool idea. I told Daryl about it and was really just making conversation about how neat I thought it was, and he was all about it. He said I should make that one of my projects to complete while I was still at home with the babies. So off we went to Home Depot to get the supplies to create a chalkboard table. I borrowed a sander from my dad and got to work. It was fun to make, and looks great in the kitchen (maybe even better than it did before). 

3. I have made a teeny tiny dent in the card I have in mind for this goal. I have been doing good with not adding new charges. Baby steps.

4. I have been doing well with keeping track of Nolan's milestones in his 1st year calendar, but that's really about it. I'm slacking on taking and organizing pictures, as well as crafting.

5. I have participated in a few linky parties, and have had more page views. I am having a difficult time with posting consistently.

6. Major accomplishment- organizing my gift bags and tissue paper. I couldn't believe how many bags this hanging organizer held! It has definitely made me feel good getting those bags off the floor, and being able to see the closet instead of that disaster.

7. In the process. I have only pulled my camera out once or twice. I'm proud mama, and this should not be happening.

8. Daryl and I went to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo at a "new to us" theater. It was nice to just have some "us" time alone. We are both really excited about making this a priority each month. We have been talking about other things we'd like to do for this month.

9&12. Unfortunately not a lot of progress here this month.

10. I haven't signed up for anything yet, but have seen a lot of events I wouldn't mind participating in. Toobabalooza. MS150. Muddy Buddy. There are a lot of events that seem really fun, and are inexpensive!!

11. We went to my parents house the other day for a family get together. After eating burgers and dogs, everyone was hanging out. James wanted to get a game of phase 10 going, but we were all so tired and didn't end up playing. I am trying to plan a game night at my house. I came across some really fun ideas from The Dating Divas that I could easily turn "date night" into "family night."

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