Friday, January 27, 2012

A Moment of Weakness

Life has been hectic these past four weeks. Don't get me wrong, I love my little guy more than anything, but today I am feeling overwhelmed. I had a moment of weakness, and I broke down and cried.

Am I the only one who openly admits that having two babies under the age of two is tough?

I have been exploring the blog world, and have found some interesting reads. Most of the mom blogs I have come across are just amazing. These women seem to have everything together. They bake. They have creative crafts for their kids to do and fun things to educate them with. Their house seems spotless. And they have time to blog. How is this possible?? I can barely find 5 minutes to myself, much less find time to do something like blog.

I am slightly stressed and need to vent just a little. So here goes...

  • I feel like I am confined to the couch for a majority of the day. This little guy is on a 3 hour feeding schedule, and by the time he is done eating and burped, it seems like I get one thing done and then it is time for him to eat again.
  • Madeline, I think is going through some jealousy issues right now. Everytime Nolan is eating or getting attention from me, she cries screams at me. I try to give her attention and sometimes, it's just not good enough.
  • Having both of my babies cry/ scream at me at the same time is too much for me at times...
  • Especially on top of the dogs playing the "I have to go outside and come right back in every 5 minutes" game. Not fun.
  • I feel like I get nothing accomplished throughout the day.
  • Nolan is not sleeping through the night on a consistent basis yet. Needless to say, I am not getting much sleep. Or so it seems.
I have been working out with my husband on a daily basis, which seems to be a good stress reliever.

While this may not seem like a big deal to some, I am in need of some help, or advice really. I want to be that woman that has it all together. The woman who bakes, crafts, educates, cleans, blogs. I want to be, well, Super Mommy.

How do you ladies do it? How do you find time to do it all, and be great at it?

Thanks in advance :)

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