Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Down for the Count

My computer at home is sick!

The other day, Daryl had been working on it and was having some trouble. He went to restart, and nothing happened. It started to load, the Windows screen comes up, and then nothing. There is a black screen, the cursor moves, but no beeps, no lights, nothing. Any ideas on what could possibly be going on here??

I tried to get it to load in safe mode when I got home, but still nothing. I have been having these mild panic attack moments at the thought of losing all my pictures which have yet to be printed.

Daryl and I had been talking about getting an external hard drive so I could save some of the files from work. It never fails right? We have yet to get one, and my computer crashes.

I'm sorry for the unanticipated blog vacation I've seemed to take. I'm still here. I can't blog from work everyday, like I'm doing right now. I am trying to get it fixed sometime soon. I don't know when I'll be back again, but I am still here.


  1. I just recently got an external drive. I like it b/c it's portable and small.

  2. computer problems are the worst! You feel like you've lost connected to the world. We put our whole lives on them, and it's so frustrating when they are down. Hope things get fixed soon!


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