Monday, May 7, 2012

All good things must come to an end

April has come and gone.

I survived completed the A to Z blog challenge, and now it's time to reflect.

I really enjoyed this challenge! I loved that it forced me to be a bit creative with my posts. I often find myself not posting because I don't have anything to write about. Things get hectic, and busy, and routine, and I say all the time "well it's just like every other day, and it's boring. Who wants to read about that? I was able to write about all kinds of things and draw out some of emotion, rather than just writing about "stuff."

Because of my hectic schedule, I had to do a lot of back dating. I got my posts done, but at times felt like just that. I wrote something down just to say I posted something. Not my best thoughts for sure. I even got to test out the schedule setting. Oh my goodness! I have seen this on the side bar in the post settings, and always just over looked it. I really did think that bloggers posted their posts at 8 am Monday morning at work. How the heck do these people do it?? And then the light bulb went off. Ohhhh they just "schedule" the post for a specific day. Please excuse my blonde moment there.

I visited a lot of blogs and found new sites I enjoyed. While I didn't always have time to read everyday, I enjoyed seeing how different the topics were. I commented and followed, and enjoyed seeing these numbers  go up on my own page. I like this sense of community, and have received some great advice/ ideas.

I know this is a "to each is own" type thought, but I am a little confused in regards to responding to comments.  As I was exploring other blogs, I found that some people responded to a few here and there, and answered questions that came up from their readers, and others responded to every comment posted. I have read all the comments and I greatly appreciate each and every one of them, but is there an etiquette in responding to comments? Just wondering?

I don't know if I had a favorite posts. There were a lot I enjoyed writing. I am looking forward to participating in the challenge next year.


  1. I think,with comments, people do what they want to do. I'm finding the best way to respond is to have comments go to my blog email. Then I can respond back through email, and it doesn't clutter the blog w/ my own "replies". I think in blogging, each blog is individualized, and there are no rules, really. :-) A final note. You should remove your word verification, if you want more comments. It just makes it easier for the reader.

    1. Mare, thanks for letting me know about the word verification. I had no idea it was even on my page. Thanks for the heads up!


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